Seminars 2013/ 2014

Spring Term 2014

Seminars take place at 5pm, in Humss 127

Monday 27th January (week 3)

Professor Alexis Weedon and Professor Bob Owens (University of Bedfordshire)

‘The Pilgrim’s Progress, 1678’

Monday 24th February (week 7)

Dr Lucy Pearson (University of Newcastle)

‘We met at a party’: Professional children’s publishing and the ‘lady editor’

Monday 10th March (week 9)

Dr Ruth Bush (University of Westminster)

‘Editorial craft and francophone African literature

Wednesday 19th March (week 10)

Professor Daniel Göske and Christian Weiss (Universität Kassel)

[Joint seminar with German Studies]

 Inside Narratives: What Archives Tell Us about the Making of World Literature in the 1920s and 1930s

Autumn Term 2013

Monday 21st October (week 3)

Dr Erica Brown (English, Sheffield Hallam) ‘Building an archive of popular fiction 1900–50: Sheffield Hallam University’s Readerships and Literary Cultures collection’

Monday 4th November (week 5)

Dr Nicola Abram (English, Reading) ‘Black British Women’s Theatre’

(Part of Reading’s Black History Month)

 Monday 2nd December (week 9)

Stefano Bragato (Modern Languages, Reading) ‘How to write a futurist life: the notebooks of F.T. Marinetti between reality and invention’



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