Seminars 2012/13

Summer Term 2013

Wednesday 8th May (week 3)

Dr Lise Jaillant (University of British Columbia, Canada), ‘Messy Modernism: Looking for Woolf, Eliot, Joyce and others in Publishers’ Archives’

 Monday 13th May (week 4)

Dr Billy Smart (Film, Theatre & Television, Reading)

‘The BBC Television Audience Research Reports, 1957-79: Recorded opinions and invisible expectations’

Spring Term 2013

Monday 28th January (week 3)

Dr Kiera Vaclavik (Queen Mary University of London), ‘Lewis Carroll’s Alice in the Archive’

Monday 11th February (week 5)

Dr Christopher Burke (Typography, Reading), ‘From hieroglyphics to Isotype: reconstructing Otto Neurath’s ‘visual autobiography’ from the Isotype Collection at the University of Reading’

Monday 25th February (week 7)

Professor Josephine Guy (University of Nottingham), ‘The Textual Condition of Oscar Wilde’s Society Comedies: Re-Reading C19 Play-texts’

Monday 11th March (week 9)

Dr Alison Martin (Modern Languages, Reading), ‘Translating Nature: Helen Maria Williams and Alexander von Humboldt’s Voyage aux régions équinoxiales du nouveau continent

Autumn Term 2012

Wednesday 10th October (week 1)

Professor Michelle O’Callaghan and Dr Alice Eardley, English, University of Reading (Joint seminar with the Early Modern Research Centre), ‘Introducing Verse Miscellanies Online’

Monday 22nd October (week 3)

Dr Neil Cocks, English, University of Reading, ‘Reading the Ladybird Archive’

Tuesday 6th November (week 5)

Dr Wim Van Mierlo, Institute of English Studies, University of London, ‘Tracking Creativity in the Archive: Understanding Literary Manuscripts’

Monday 3rd December (week 9)

Dr Hope Wolf, King’s College, London
, ‘War Stories: the Imperial War Museum’s Archive of the 1964 BBC Series, The Great War’


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