Seminar programme 2017/2018

Spring Term 2018


Thursday 18th January (wk 2), 5-6pm

Dr Cathy Clay (English, Nottingham Trent)

‘Rereading the Time and Tide Archive: The Feminist and Cultural Politics of a Modern Magazine’


Thursday 8th Feb (wk 5), 5-6pm

Dr Daisy Hay (English, Exeter)

‘Dinner with Joseph Johnson: On a Romantic bookseller and group biography’


Thursday 8th March (wk 9), 5-6pm

Dr Melanie Ramdarshan Bold (Centre for Publishing, UCL)

‘The Social Author: Identifying a new generation of influencers and innovators in contemporary authorship’


All sessions held in Edith Morley G10

All welcome – please come along!




Autumn Term 2015

Selected seminars will take place at the Museum of English Rural Life, with pop-up exhibitions of archive material.

Monday 12th October (week 3)
Drinks in the SRC – all welcome!

Monday 9th November (week 7)
Kate McDonald (Reading) “Looking for shell-shock. Reading First World War fiction magazines”
URS 2s26

Monday 23rd November (week 9)
Hannah Sullivan (Oxford) ‘The Art of the Carriage Return: Free verse, lineation and the typewriter’
URS 2s26

Spring Term 2016

Monday 25th January (week 3) URS 2s26
Clare Broome Saunders (Oxford) “Through many dreary volumes of archives has she waded”: Louisa Stuart Costello and the 19th Century Literary Market

Monday 8th February (week 5) MERL

Judith Watts (Reading) ‘Making Love: reading for pleasure and publishing for profit’

Monday 22nd February (week 7) URS 2s26
Richard Bates (University of Nottingham) ‘How does one become a parenting guru? Exploring the childhood and archives of a French child-rearing authority, Françoise Dolto’.

Monday 7th March (week 9) HBS G03
Fran Baker (University of Manchester Library) and Florence Impens (John Rylands Research Institute, Manchester) Dual perspectives on the Carcanet Press Archive

Summer Term 2016

Monday 18th April (wk 1) Humss 181

James Raven (Essex) ‘Compose Yourself: Pages of Laughter in Eighteenth-Century Britain and France’

Tuesday 3rd May (wk 3) 

Jessica Sage (Newcastle) Edith Morley, ‘An Efficient Subordinate’: Negotiating the UK’s First Female Professor




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