Seminar programme 2018-2019

Autumn Term

Thursday 15th November (wk 7), 5-6pm

Dr Sophie Heywood (MLES, Reading)

‘The Children’s ‘68’

Thursday 6th Dec (wk 10), 5-6pm

Dr Sara Sullam (Milan, British Academy Visiting Fellow, MLES, Reading)

‘Reading for translation: Anglo-Italian literary transfer in publishers’ paper’

Spring Term

Thursday 28th Feb (wk 7), 5-6pm

Dr Will Davies (English Lit, Reading)

Carcanet/PN Review (exact title TBC)

Thursday 14th March (wk 9), 5-6pm

Dr Rowena Kennedy-Epstein (Bristol)

‘So Easy to See: Muriel Rukeyser and Berenice Abbott’s Unfinished Collaboration’

Thursday 9th May (wk 3, Summer term), 1-2pm

Dr D-M Withers (Sussex)

‘Virago Modern Classics and the Libraries’

All welcome!